092 : Aparna Nancherla : Comedian & Writer

comedian, comedy, inspiring, interview, podcast, career, success

During college Aparna (@aparnapkin) found herself directionless and depressed. Aparna is now a full-time comedian and writer who has written for Totally Biased with W Kamau Bell on FX and appeared on Conan. Since our interview Aparna has written for the Late Show with Seth Myers.

You’ll hear Aparna discuss how she turned comedy into a career, the power of patience, and that one of the biggest keys to success is just showing up.

“For me it was very one foot in front of the other, let’s see where this goes but by no stretch of the imagination was I like, ‘Oh this is what you’re going to do with your life.’ It was very tentative.” – Aparna Nancherla

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091 : Jake Ducey : Writer & Speaker

career, inspiration, podcast, interview, millennials

During college Jake found himself frustrated with both school and life, and so he dropped out.

Jake is now an author and motivational speaker and at 22 years old Penguin/Random house published his second book, the Purpose Principles with a forward by Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield. What?

You’ll hear Jake discuss his path from having no plan to reaching the top of the Amazon book sales list, how visualization is nothing without action, and that if survival depends on success, you’ll win.

“You can lose everything, but the one thing you can’t lose is who you are, and you can always build upon that.” – Jake Ducey

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090 : Paper Fashion : Fashion Illustrator

Paper Fashion inspiring podcast interview

Growing up Katie (@paperfashion) wanted to be an artist but didn’t know how to make it into a career. Katie now works full-time as the creator of Paper Fashion an illustration blog with clients such as Saks Fifth Avenue, L’Oreal, and Cartier, has over 600K Instagram followers and is represented by the talent agency Digital Brand Architects.

You’ll hear Katie discuss her journey from confusion to creation, the power of sharing, and that to do what you love you gotta love what you do.

“You have something in your head that you visualize but it takes a long time to be able to get that completely out.” – Katie Rodgers

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089 : Rodney Williams : Tech Innovator

lisnr, interview, podcast

Rodney (@rodneybwilliams) was born deaf and started his first business at a young age renting out kids magazines to parents at his mom’s hair salon. Rodney has gained his hearing is now the co-founder of LISNR which uses in-audible sound technology to create new ways for brands to interact with customers and has attracted clients such as Budweiser, Roc Nation and Sony and recently raised $3.5 million in funding.

You’ll hear Rodney discuss his path to building a 22 person team, the confidence that comes from being confident, and that if you’re thinking about going after your dreams, stop thinking.

“I’m breaking rules. My company is breaking rules. Even the type of CEO I am – I break rules. I tend to walk in and I look like the intern, or something else, but I’m not, and I’m actually about to blow you away and you’re going to be giving me a check or two.” – Rodney Williams

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088 : Alex Strohl : Adventure Photographer

Alex Strohl Post

During high school Alex (@alexstrohl) got kicked out…which turned out to be one of the best things to ever happen to him as it led to his passion for photography.

Alex is now a full-time world traveling photographer with over half a million Instagram followers and collaborates with brands such as Canon and Land Rover for himself and his creative agency, Stay & Wander.

You’ll hear Alex discuss his path to photographic freedom, the compass of curiosity, and that to live the life you want you just gotta design it.

“My dad always said, ‘You have to challenge luck for it to work.’ And that’s inspired me.” – Alex Strohl

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087 : Onhel : Recording Engineer & Producer

interview, swizz beatz, lil wayne, president carter

Angel Aponte (@Onhel) graduated high school at the bottom of his class with no idea what to do with his life.

After realizing he could make music a career he made music his life.

Four years later Onhel found himself engineering  tracks for Swizz Beatz on Beyonce’s B Day album and is now Lil Wayne’s recording engineer and produces out of his studio in Union City, New Jersey.

You’ll hear Onhel discuss how he made his way into the music business, the importance of extra effort and that when an opportunity presents itself, take it.

“I never left the studio. I would shower there, I would have my mail delivered there, I never left.” – Onhel

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086 : Amanda Thomas : Jewelry Entrepreneur

Luv Aj, interview

At 14 years old Amanda (@LuvAj) interned at a local jewelry store.

At 15 she launched her own jewelry business, Luv Aj, which is now available in retailers worldwide and worn by dozens of celebrities.

You’ll hear Amanda discuss how she built a business while still in high school, the importance of continuous problem solving, and that everything you need to start is right in front of you.

“When it’s your baby and it’s something that you’ve built from the ground up and it’s something that you love it doesn’t even feel like work.” – Amanda Thomas

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085 : Ilya Pozin : Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Pluto TV, interview, podcast

Ilya (@IlyaNeverSleeps) arrived to the US from Russia at 8 years old not knowing how to speak English.

The discovery of the world of computers set Ilya on a high velocity path of entrepreneurship where he’s now building his third tech business. The first being the web design agency, Ciplex, which he started in high school and has been featured in the Inc 500 list, the social greeting card company, Open Me, which currently has millions of users, and his latest project, Pluto TV, is the closest thing we have here on Earth of a TV version of internet video and recently raised $13 million in funding.

You’ll hear Ilya discuss his journey of non-stop business growth, the importance of surrounding yourself with the highest quality people possible and that there’s never been a better day to start a project than today.

“I’ve always strived to look up to people that are better and smarter than me.” – Ilya Pozin

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084 : Chelsea Matthews : Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

matte black, interview

During college Chelsea (@chelseamatthews) knew she wanted to do her own thing, but wasn’t sure what that would be.

Chelsea is now the founder of her own digital marketing agency, Matte Black, which helps businesses connect with twenty-somethings through social media by running their Instagram accounts and pairing them with online influencers. Matte Black has 21 current clients and this year is expanding to the UK.

You’ll hear Chelsea discuss her path to creating an agency with 8 full-time employees, the magic of letting people know what you want, and that the best time to face your fear, is right now.

“Just start projecting what you want, because it is so amazing what comes back your way.” – Chelsea Matthews

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083 : Brian Batt : Painter

artist, interview, inspiring

Brian (@brianbattstudios) grew up with a love for drawing and art and thought he’d be a magazine illustrator when he was older. After realizing that world wasn’t for him he continued to paint on the side and in 2008 Brian left his desk job to focus on painting full-time. Brian’s work has since been featured in New York, LA, Miami and London.

You’ll hear Brian discuss his path to becoming a full-time artist, the importance of daily discipline, and that to have your work reach the world you gotta share it with the world.

“The secret is hard work.” – Brian Batt

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