018 : Gillian Gorman : Yoga Entrepreneur


After college, Gillian worked as a yoga instructor and massage therapist in New York City. In 2010, she left the city and with her business partner created Radiance Yoga—their own studio located in the Berkshires—which opened its doors April of last year.

Gillian is one half of the first Prologue Profiles couple as she’s the girlfriend of Episode 009 guest, Karden Rabin, and they actually both share the same business partner!

You’ll hear from a longtime yogi for whom yoga wasn’t always her preferred method of healing on what she thinks entrepreneurs often forget to do and how to keep going when you want to give up.

It makes me feel appreciated; that what I’ve decided to live my life, what I’ve decided to do—counts. And it actually makes a difference as opposed to just creating a business for the sake of creating a business.” – Gillian Gorman

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5 Follow-ups For Gillian Gorman

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