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Episode 017: Daniel Victor (@bydanielvictor) was recently hired as a Social Media Producer at The New York Times.

1. You mentioned that your print reporter experience carries with you to what you’re doing now, can you give some examples?

Did the councilman refuse to answer a question, or decline to answer a question? Did the man say he was not home that night, or claim he wasn’t home that night? They might seem like small differences, but small word choices like that can have an impact. Over time as a reporter you see how editors make such decisions, and you begin to develop a basic sense of ethics and fairness. There are dozens of such decisions I have to make every day.

2. What’s your focus of late at the NYT post-Olympics?

A few days per week I’m the point person for the newsroom’s social needs — running the @nytimes Twitter account, helping with the Facebook account, fielding requests from various departments on what stories could use a boost, sending call-outs for sources or reader responses, etc. The other days I work on larger projects, including a Tumblr we’re doing from the politics desk.

3. What’s another site/publication that makes good use of social media?

I’m a big fan of The Guardian. They think very strategically about how they use social approaches and always have high ambitions in trying new techniques. They do some especially interesting things with their commenters, highlighting great contributions in a way not many other sites do.

4. Who are some of your favorite journalists?

Moneyball inspired me, so Michael Lewis is certainly high on the list. Joe Posnanski has a writing style and thinking process I love.

As for people I’ve worked with, some of my favorites include The Patriot-News’ late Pete Shellem (who freed several people from prison with his reporting), Digital First Media’s Mandy Jenkins (who demonstrated how to think more effectively about social), The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Kristen Graham (who showed reporters can do great print work and win Pulitzers while using social media effectively), and ProPublica’s Marshall Allen (who has an amazing ability to not just try new things, but dive in head-first on them).

5. Who are you role models?

Everyone in the above paragraph. Also, Muggsy Bogues taught me early on that even short guys can dunk, which I have chosen to analogize.

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