021 : Brian Trunzo : Menswear Retailer


Brian (@NTBro) is a lawyer who wanted out. Last summer, he started a fashion blog called Nicetrybro.com. The blog caught the attention of the fashion world and he soon found himself flying to Italy for trade shows.

Less than two years after launching his blog, Brian will be leaving his law job to open Carson Street Clothiers, a menswear retail shop in New York City he co-owns with his law school friend/business partner.

You’ll hear Brian discuss his journey from law depression to fashion obsession, the benefits of fearing failure, and how there may be more to yourself than you know.

“For the first time in my life, I’m giving credence to all those guys who showed up at my high school when the teachers were hungover, telling us to do what we love and the money will follow.” – Brian Trunzo

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Carson Street Clothiers

Carson Street Clothiers Brian Trunzo

Carson Street Clothiers

Carson Street Clothiers

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