030 : Jullien Gordon : High Performance Consultant

Jullien Gordon Post

While in college two traumatic life experiences led Jullien to decide his purpose was to help others find theirs. He is now The Innerviewer, helping companies and professionals reach their highest potential.

I first heard of Jullien after watching one of his TEDx talks and thought he’d be great for the show, a few weeks later I was at an event organized by Jason Womack and sitting across the room from me was Jullien himself.

You’ll hear Jullien discuss his path to becoming The Innerviewer, the silent danger of underemployment, and how following your dreams starts with you.

“Do you want to tell your kid ‘Do what you love because I gave up my dream so that you could have yours?’ or ‘Follow your dream in the same way that I followed mine.’?” – Jullien Gordon

More on Jullien:

Jullien’s TEDx Youth Talk that inspired me to have him as a guest on Prologue Profiles



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