046 : Josh Senior : Video Storytelling Entrepreneur

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After college Josh struggled to find work in his major of international relations, it was then that he decided to point his career towards his passion for video post production.

Over the next 4 years Josh went from unemployed dreamer, to company employee, to independent freelancer, to the leader of a team of freelancers, to now the founder of Senior Post, a digital post production house located in Dumbo Brooklyn with clients such as Vevo, Levi’s, and Nike.

You’ll hear Josh discuss how he used his passion to drive his career, the motivating effects of fear, and that success is not a one man band.

“Complacency is the fastest way to lose.”ย – Josh Senior

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Senior Post’s Sizzle Reel

(Feature photo by Josh’s video partner,ย Jason Shaltz)

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