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After her first year of college in 2002, Kawehi moved to California as a signed artist in a newly formed superband. Two months in she quit and moved back home. Unable to get any attention with her music going the traditional route and still tied to her contract, Kawehi took a 5 year break from music.

Kawehi then switched it up and with the support of her husband, Paul, created her own path in the music world, successfully supporting her career through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. She recently raised over $9,000 to fund her US tour. While growing her fan base Kawehi’s also grown her musical ability as she now has incorporated looping and beatboxing into her work.

You’ll hear from a musician who has figured out how to be a successfully funded independent artist on how she made it happen and that those fears that you have, they never go away…so what are you gonna do?

“Having to pay the bills but not willing to give up the need to be creative will push you harder than you can ever imagine.” – Kawehi

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Allison Weiss, Kickstarter Expert

Songs by Kawehi featured in this episode:


Criminal (Cover)

The Way You Make Me Feel (Cover)



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(Feature photo from Kawehi’s video for Telescope, directed by her husband, Paul)

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