Tirtzah Bassel Exhibit at Slag Gallery (Bushwick)


The tremendously talented visual artist Tirtzah Bassel will be featured in this Sunday’s episode of Prologue Profiles (Ep. 055!).

She’s also having an exhibition at Slag Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn opening today, April 11th to May 10th.

Her pieces depict everyday places (e.g. in line at Trader Joe’s or lying on a display bed at IKEA) in a way that makes them come alive. (That’s me getting my art critic on).

If you want to see and hear the actual artist talk about her work in person, Tirtzah will  be giving an artist talk at Slag on Friday April 25th from 7pm-8pm. Fab and I will be there. Hopefully we’ll see you too!

In the meantime, check out the trailer for Tirtzah’s episode here:

(Feature photo: ‘Trader Joe’s’, 72″x120″, oil on canvas, 2013, via Tirtzah Bassel)

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