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Originally from Ithaca NY, Chris Frank, a guitar player, spent 10 years trying to get his band IY off the ground which broke up after college. In 2012 Chris joined forces with his younger brother and bass player Hayden Frank to form The Nepotist…but something was missing. They wanted to to be a real band.

With the addition of drummer Jacob Colin Cohen this past January, The Nepotist are now a trio and are releasing their first video EP this spring.

This is also the first episode of Prologue Profiles that features multiple guests at the same time. That’s right, the band’s all here.

You’ll hear The Nepotist discuss their journey to becoming a band, the ups and downs of being a musician and that to get others to believe something about you, you first have to believe it yourself.

“This is only happening once. You’ve got this amount of time [on earth] and what do you want to look back and see when you’re older?” – Hayden Frank, The Nepotist

Mentioned in this episode:

Buddy Guy
Little Feat
The Beatles
Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa’s album: The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life
Carriage House Café
Rockwood Music Hall
The Nepotist listed as the concert of the week in the Village Voice
Bob Dylan

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(Feature photo by Cheryl Dunn for The Nepotist)

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