2014 – Update

Where I'm At 5.2

Hey there,

What is up?

As you may have noticed I didn’t send out a new episode last night. I hope you were still able to get some sleep. Actually I’m sorry I didn’t send an update last night and left you in the dark.

Ok here’s what’s up:

As you may know, I handcraft each episode for your listening enjoyment (episodes take several days to edit/produce), and after releasing an episode a week for 11 weeks, I pretty much have only had time to work on the show.

Meanwhile some new potential pathways of how to grow my career as an inspirationist have become clear to me recently and I’m excited to put the time in to make them happen.

And for me to take things to the next level (involving creating a way to add more value to you and those looking for what I do and creating a win-win way to get paid) I have to free up my time.

So I’m going to be switching to a bi-weekly schedule.ย 

The next episode of Prologue Profiles will be this Sunday at 8pm. It’s going to be a very interesting and powerful addition to the series. The episode after that will be Sunday June 25th (also sounding very cool so far).

More to come! Have a great week!


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