063 : Randy Class : Singer & Songwriter

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Randy is a full-time student, he’s also a musician.

This Wednesday Randy drops his first EP as a solo artist, called Metanoia, produced by his good friend and classmate Jerry Almonte and available for streaming and download on SoundCloud.

You’ll hear Randy discuss his path to making music his main focus, the importance of selective forgetfulness and that to go for what you want you gotta go all in.

“You know that feeling of uncertainty? When I feel that, that means I’m doing the right thing.” –ย Randy Class

Randy Class Metanoia
(Click above to stream/download Metanoia on SoundCloud)

Mentioned in this episode:

Five Towns College
Outkast (Aquemini album)
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blank Label
Drew de Leon (@TheW3RD)
Manny Toro
Dean’s List Tour

For more on Randy:

On SoundCloud
On Twitter
Official Video: Randy Class, True Story

(Feature photo via Blank Label)

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