067 : Vinny DePonto : Magician

Vinny Deponto Post

Vinny (@VinnyDePonto) is a magician.

I could stop right there, but he’s also a theatre creator and this past spring put on a 25 show run of latest show Charlatan, at Ars Nova in New York City.

You’ll hear Vinny discuss his path to making the most out of magic, the power of visualizing success, and the biggest trick to pull is the one on yourself.

“You are your own greatest deceiver.” – Vinny DePonto

For more on Vinny:

Official Website (NowYouSeeHim.com)
On Twitter (@VinnyDePonto)
On Instagram (@nowyouseehim)

(Vinny Deponto in ‘Charlatan’)


(A collection of Vinny’s grandfather’s magic tricks, photo via Vinny DePonto)

Mentioned in this episode:

Ars Nova
Modern Coin Magic (Book)
World’s Greatest Magic (Video)
On the Decay of the Art of Lying, by Mark Twain (Book)

Feature photo via Vinny DePonto

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