085 : Ilya Pozin : Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Pluto TV, interview, podcast

Ilya (@IlyaNeverSleeps) arrived to the US from Russia at 8 years old not knowing how to speak English.

The discovery of the world of computers set Ilya on a high velocity path of entrepreneurship where he’s now building his third tech business. The first being the web design agency, Ciplex, which he started in high school and has been featured in the Inc 500 list, the social greeting card company, Open Me, which currently has millions of users, and his latest project, Pluto TV, is the closest thing we have here on Earth of a TV version of internet video and recently raised $13 million in funding.

You’ll hear Ilya discuss his journey of non-stop business growth, the importance of surrounding yourself with the highest quality people possible and that there’s never been a better day to start a project than today.

“I’ve always strived to look up to people that are better and smarter than me.”ย – Ilya Pozin

For more on Ilya & Pluto TV:

Ilya on Twitter


Mentioned in this episode:

Ciplex-> Now Coplex
Open Me
US Venture Partners

Tom Antion
Private equity investing
YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council)
Elon Musk

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