Monroe Martin on Last Comic Standing

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Monroe Martin’s not only on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, he’s moved onto the semifinals! Check him out in the video below. It’s towards the end (best for last), right before the last commercial break: The next episode is this Thursday at 10pm/9c. And check out Monroe’s episode of Prologue Profiles here.

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2014 – Update

Where I'm At 5.2

Hey there,What is up?As you may have noticed I didn’t send out a new episode last night. I hope you were still able to get some sleep. Actually I’m sorry I didn’t send an update last night and left you in the dark.Ok here’s what’s up:As you may know, I handcraft each episode for your […]

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Colin Wright’s Asymmetrical Press’ ‘Everything That Remains Tour’


Colin Wright’s book publishing company, Asymmetrical Press, and its standout authors, The Minimalists (Ryan Nicodemus [pictured left] and Joshua Fields Millburn), are in the midst of a 100 city tour.  The Minimalists “write about living a meaningful life with less stuff.” Their “Everything That Remains” tour spans “across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, […]

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Tirtzah Bassel Exhibit at Slag Gallery (Bushwick)


The tremendously talented visual artist Tirtzah Bassel will be featured in this Sunday’s episode of Prologue Profiles (Ep. 055!). She’s also having an exhibition at Slag Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn opening today, April 11th to May 10th. Her pieces depict everyday places (e.g. in line at Trader Joe’s or lying on a display bed at IKEA) […]

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