Margot : Violinist & Singer : 061 : Transcript

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Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 061 with Margot: Since she was 4 years old Margot knew she wanted to be a violinist when she grew up. Margot is now a professional musician, performing full-time as one half of the DJ-violin duo, The Dolls, alongside DJ Mia Moretti, and is set to release her debut solo project this summer. […]

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Becca Feld : Quarterlife Career Changer : 060 : Transcript

inspiring, career, interview, tech, ux

Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 060 with Becca Feld: During and after college Becca had no idea what she wanted to do for her career. After working four years at a non-profit she still didn’t know what she wanted to do. That all changed when in May 2013, Becca discovered the tech concept, User Experience Design (UX) and fell in love. […]

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Shamikah Martinez : Writer, Producer & Performer : 058 : Transcript

Shamikah Martinez Transcript

Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 058 with Shamikah Martinez:   After college Shamikah (@smart_inez) worked as a video producer but through improv got the performance bug and hasn’t looked back. After creating viral videos with her YouTube comedy group Candy Slice, Shamikah teamed up with friend of the show Molly Austin to create the comedy duo, Emotistyle. Shamikah’s continued to expand her creative palette and has written her own one […]

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The Nepotist : Alternative Soul Band : 057 : Transcript

The Nepotist Post Transcript

Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 057 with the 3 members of the alternative soul band, The Nepotist – Chris Frank (guitar/vocals), Hayden (bass/vocals) Frank and Jacon Colin Cohen (drums/vocals): Originally from Ithaca NY, Chris Frank, a guitar player, spent 10 years trying to get his band IY off the ground which broke up after college. In 2012 Chris joined forces with […]

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Dave Kyrejko : Engineer & Distiller : 056 : Transcript

Dave Kyrejko Transcript

Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 056 with the co-founder of The City Foundry/Industry City Distillery, Dave Kyrejko: Dave (@drinkicd) just wants to make things. And he’s figured out a way to do just that. Dave is the co-founder of The City Foundry, an R&D shop based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The City Foundry’s primary focus is Industry City Distillery which has […]

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Tirtzah Bassel : Visual Artist : 055 : Transcript

Tirtzah Bassel Transcript

Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 055 with visual artist, Tirtzah Bassel. Born and raised in Israel, going into college Tirtzah was planning on becoming a social worker. During a heightened period of terrorism in Israel, Tirtzah took on a new perspective of how she wanted to spend her time on Earth. Tirtzah now works as a visual artist […]

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Monroe Martin : Comedian : 054 : Transcript

Monroe Martin Transcript

Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 054 with comedian Monroe Martin. Monroe (@monroemartiniii) grew up in foster care. He wanted to work in comedy. Monroe now works full-time as a comedian, performing at colleges across the country and writing for Charlamagne and Friends on MTV2. You’ll hear Monroe discuss his path of continuous comedic improvement, the power of authenticity, and that the way to achieve […]

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Tony Bacigalupo & New Work City : Coworking Space Entrepreneur : 053 : Transcript

Tony Bacigalupo Transcript

Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 053 with the co-founder of New Work City, Tony Bacigalupo: After college Tony (@tonybgoode) got a job and he worked at an office. He did not like this. Soon after Tony was working from home. He did not like this either. Tony is now the co-founder New Work City – the first dedicated coworking space in New York, […]

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Lyndsey Butler & VEDA : Fashion Designer : 052 : Transcript

Lyndsey Butler Transcript

Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 052 with the co-founder of VEDA, Lyndsey Butler: After college, Lyndsey reached a fork in the road: law school or fashion. Lyndsey is now the head of the fashion line, VEDA, which she launched in 2008 with her mentor Yael Aflalo, and specializes in making the perfect leather jacket. In 2013 VEDA launched its flagship store […]

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