5 Follow-ups : 013 : Andrew Tejerina : A Bar a Band and a Biography


It’s your chance to ask the questions. On Twitter, write a follow-up question for the latest guest to Prologue Profiles (@prologuepros). Five will be picked to be answered by the guest. There’s still time to tweet for this week’s guest, business development entrepreneur Mohammad Haque. Andrew left his job at Foot Locker to build a company called Trip20 […]

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013 : Andrew Tejerina : Business Development


Andrew Tejerina (@atejerina) is striking out on his own. In 2011, Andrew left his desk job at Foot Locker and joined his college friend to start a digital marketing company called Trip20…with Foot Locker as one of their clients. You’ll hear Andrew describe how it feels to start a successful company, his worries before jumping in […]

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