5 Follow-ups : Brendan Weafer : Heart and Balls [Ep. 034]

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Episode 034 : Brendan “The Grim” Weafer, Professional Fighter & Coach 1. Who are some fighters that you admire and why?  George St. Pierre: Athleticism, work ethic, and he is a true martial artist. Anderson Silva: Creativity, timing, accuracy, he’s basically a f*cking ninja. Frank Edgar: Heart, determination, work ethic. Jon Jones: Work ethic, creativity and […]

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Transcript : 034 : Brendan Weafer : Professional Fighter & Trainer

Brendan Weafer T-script

“If you’re willing to sacrifice, nothing’s impossible.“ – Brendan Weafer Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 034 with Brendan “The Grim” Weafer, Professional Fighter & Trainer Dan: Episode 034 of Prologue Profiles, bringing you inspiring interviews with passionate people pursuing their career dreams. I’m your host Dan Feld, my guest today is Brendan “The Grim” Weafer. As a kid […]

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