Transcript : 025 : Dan Feld : Podcaster

Dan Feld Transcript

“I don’t want to make you feel small. I want to make you feel like you can do whatever you want to do, because people like you are doing it.“ – Dan Feld Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 025 with Dan Feld (Dan Learned to Listen) in its entirety: Dan: Episode 025 of Prologue Profiles, bringing you inspiring […]

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5 Follow-ups : Dan Feld : Kanye West & Mr. Rogers [Ep. 025]


It’s your chance to ask the questions. On Twitter, write a follow-up question for the latest guest to Prologue Profiles (@prologuepros). Five will be picked to be answered by the guest.  Episode 025 : Dan Feld, creator of Prologue Profiles. 1. What’s the toughest part about creating Prologue Profiles? The intros! What you hear on the episode […]

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