5 Follow-ups : 017 : Daniel Victor : Michael Lewis, The Guardian & Muggsy Bogues


It’s your chance to ask the questions! On Twitter, write a follow-up question for the latest guest to Prologue Profiles (@prologuepros). Five will be picked to be answered by the guest.  Episode 017: Daniel Victor (@bydanielvictor) was recently hired as a Social Media Producer at The New York Times. 1. You mentioned that your print reporter […]

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Transcript : 017 : Daniel Victor : Social Journalist

Dan V Post tscript

“Any confidence in myself is only really confidence in who I’m going to be, not what I currently am.“ – Daniel Victor Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 017 with Daniel Victor (Daniel Victor Found an Opportunity in Social Journalism) in its entirety: Dan Feld: Episode 17 of “Prologue Profiles”. I’m your host Dan Feld. My guest today is […]

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