Katie Holmes in Fabiola Arias for Bobbi Brown

Fabiola Arias Katie Holmes

Congratulations to the amazingly talented Fabiola Arias as Katie Holmes looks STUNNING in one of Fab’s breathtaking gowns in a campaign for the Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood collection. (Photo taken in front of Macy’s Herald Square on 34th Street in NYC) Listen to Fab discuss how her journey of starting her own business while in […]

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Transcript : 029 : Fabiola Arias : Fashion Designer

Fabiola Arias Transcript

“I love that I’m creating my dream and it feels good to be working this hard for something that I want, that I’m creating.” – Fabiola Arias Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 029 with Fabiola Arias (“Fabiola & Her Blind Faith”) in its entirety: Dan: Episode 029 of Prologue Profiles, bringing you inspiring interviews with passionate people pursuing their career dreams. I’m your […]

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