Transcript : 007 : Jonna Davis : Non-profit


Photo: charity: water “All I wanted was to be was someone who could find that happiness and be constantly interested in what I did.” – Jonna Davis Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 007 with Jonna Davis (Left Corporate World for Non-Profit) in its entirety: Dan: Episode 7 of Prologue Profiles. My name is Dan Feld. My guest today […]

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5 Follow-ups : 007 : Jonna Davis : Hillary Clinton, Grad School & Kenya

Jonna Davis

photo by charity: water Within a week after a guest’s episode premieres, you can tweet a follow-up question for the guest to @prologuepros. Five will be selected to be answered by the guest. Since ‘Prologue Profiles’ is still in its infancy the questions for Jonna (@jonnadavis) have been supplied by me unless otherwise noted. [Note: There’s still time to tweet […]

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