Transcript : 043 : Justin Bridges Took The Shot Of His Life : Fashion & Lifestyle Photographer

Justin Bridges Transcript

Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 043 with Justin Bridges, Goldman Sachs banker turned fashion photographer. Dan: Episode 043 of Prologue Profiles, Bringing you inspiring interviews with passionate people, pursuing their career dreams. I’m your host Dan Feld. My guest today is Justin Bridges. Originally from Atlanta Georgia, after college Justin found himself working in finance at Goldman Sachs in New York. […]

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043 : Justin Bridges : Fashion & Lifestyle Photographer

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Originally from Atlanta Georgia, after college Justin (@tuckedstyle) found himself working in finance at Goldman Sachs in New York. He soon realized he wanted to follow his passion of photography. And so he did. In the fall of 2010, Justin left Goldman, started up his photo blog called Tucked, and landed jobs in the fashion […]

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