5 Follow-ups : 019 : Molly Austin : Snoop, Dre & Louis C.K.


It’s your chance to ask the questions! On Twitter, write a follow-up question for the latest guest to Prologue Profiles (@prologuepros). Five will be picked to be answered by the guest.  Episode 019: Molly Austin (@MollyoAustin) left her fashion job to become a comedian. She’s now one-half of the popular YouTube duo EmotiStyle with her comedic partner, Shamikah Martinez. […]

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Transcript : 019 : Molly Austin : Comedian


“Nobody’s going to be into what you’re saying if you’re not into it, so you really gotta be getting high on your own supply. Which is against the Ten Crack Commandments if you go back to the Notorious B.I.G. song, which I often do.“ – Molly Austin Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 019 with Molly Austin (Molly Austin […]

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019 : Molly Austin : Comedian


Molly (@MollyoAustin) is a comedian. Last Fall Molly co-created EmotiStyle an online show about fashion with her comedic partner, Shamikah Martinez. Less than a year later EmotiStyle’s YouTube channel now has over 14,000 subscribers. You’ll hear Molly discuss how she decided to leave her job to focus on comedy, what it takes to find your voice, and […]

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