Tirtzah Bassel : Visual Artist : 055 : Transcript

Tirtzah Bassel Transcript

Please enjoy the transcript of Episode 055 with visual artist, Tirtzah Bassel. Born and raised in Israel, going into college Tirtzah was planning on becoming a social worker. During a heightened period of terrorism in Israel, Tirtzah took on a new perspective of how she wanted to spend her time on Earth. Tirtzah now works as a visual artist […]

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Tirtzah Bassel Exhibit at Slag Gallery (Bushwick)


The tremendously talented visual artist Tirtzah Bassel will be featured in this Sunday’s episode of Prologue Profiles (Ep. 055!). She’s also having an exhibition at Slag Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn opening today, April 11th to May 10th. Her pieces depict everyday places (e.g. in line at Trader Joe’s or lying on a display bed at IKEA) […]

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