068 : Franchesca Ramsey : Internet Personality

Franchesca Ramsey Post2

After college Franchesca started creating videos on YouTube. Five years later in January 2012 she uploaded a video that changed the trajectory of her career when she added to the Shit Girls Say meme with her own contribution, Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls. Millions of views later Franchesca, known to many as Chescaleigh, is […]

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058 : Shamikah Martinez : Writer, Producer & Performer

Shamikah Martinez Post

After college Shamikah (@smart_inez) worked as a video producer but through improv got the performance bug and hasn’t looked back. After creating viral videos with her YouTube comedy group Candy Slice,Shamikahteamed up with friend of the show Molly Austinto createthe comedy duo,Emotistyle. Shamikah’s continued to expand her creative palette and has written her own one act playwhich […]

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057 : The Nepotist : Alternative Soul Band

The Nepotist Post2

Originally from Ithaca NY, Chris Frank, a guitar player, spent 10 years trying to get his band IY off the ground which broke up after college. In 2012 Chris joined forces with his younger brother and bass player Hayden Frank to form The Nepotist…but something was missing. They wanted to to be a real band. With the […]

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