022 : Lucas Kavner : Writer & Performer


After college, Lucas (@LucasKavner) knew he wanted to write and perform. He moved to NYC and took random jobs to support himself as he auditioned for gigs. Lucas’  artistic pursuits are gaining momentum: he’s landing parts in commercials, was recently casted in the Stephen King/John Cougar Melloncamp musical and has received a grant to write a play […]

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019 : Molly Austin : Comedian


Molly (@MollyoAustin) is a comedian. Last Fall Molly co-created EmotiStyle an online show about fashion with her comedic partner, Shamikah Martinez. Less than a year later EmotiStyle’s YouTube channel now has over 14,000 subscribers. You’ll hear Molly discuss how she decided to leave her job to focus on comedy, what it takes to find your voice, and […]

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014 : Yara Travieso : Dance Choreographer

Yara Post

Yara Travieso‘s a multi-media artist. Follow me here: she’s a Julliard-trained dancer and choreographer who combines video and music to create avant-garde pieces which she directs and produces herself. Through her uncanny ability to fundraise, her pieces have already been presented in Lincoln Center and the new Frank Gehry building in her hometown of Miami. […]

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006 : Katie Skelly : Cartoonist

Katie Skelly Post

Wondering if you can pursue your creative passion while having a full-time job? Meet Katie Skelly (@nurse_nurse). Katie has recently had her mini-comic published into a graphic novel while holding a desk job. How’d she get started? What’s her work/comic balance? Where does her confidence come from? All that and more on this week’s ‘Prologue […]

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