071 : Taryn Multack : Nail Art Entrepreneur

Miss Ladyfinger

Taryn (@missladyfinger) thought she wanted to be a fashion designer, but in college realized it wasn’t for her. While working full-time at Macy’s corporate she stumbled upon something that lit her up: Nail art. Better known to her 525K+ Tumblr followers as Miss Ladyfinger, Taryn is now a full-time nail art entrepreneur, collaborating with brands […]

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068 : Franchesca Ramsey : Internet Personality

Franchesca Ramsey Post2

After college Franchesca started creating videos on YouTube. Five years later in January 2012 she uploaded a video that changed the trajectory of her career when she added to the Shit Girls Say meme with her own contribution, Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls. Millions of views later Franchesca, known to many as Chescaleigh, is […]

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032 : Colin Wright : Extreme Lifestyle Experimenter

Colin Wright Post

After college, Colin (@colinismyname) was running a successful branding studio, but he wanted out of the 120 hour work week he’d created for himself. In 2009 Colin decided to travel the world full-time by having the readers of his blog, Exile Lifestyle, vote for which country he should live in every 4 months. Along the […]

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