046 : Josh Senior : Video Storytelling Entrepreneur

entrepreneur, digital, inspiring, passion, millennials

After college Josh struggled to find work in his major of international relations, it was then that he decided to point his career towards his passion for video post production. Over the next 4 years Josh went from unemployed dreamer, to company employee, to independent freelancer, to the leader of a team of freelancers, to […]

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044 : Kathryn Minshew : Tech Entrepreneur

Prologue Profiles

After college Kathryn worked at McKinsey but she quickly knew management consulting wasn’t for her and started looking for something new. Kathryn was frustrated with the available job search tools and realized she wanted to create a career resource of her own. In September 2010 Kathryn launched her first attempt called PYP with 3 partners […]

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043 : Justin Bridges : Fashion & Lifestyle Photographer

prologue profiles, justin bridges, photography, GQ, career

Originally from Atlanta Georgia, after college Justin (@tuckedstyle) found himself working in finance at Goldman Sachs in New York. He soon realized he wanted to follow his passion of photography. And so he did. In the fall of 2010, Justin left Goldman, started up his photo blog called Tucked, and landed jobs in the fashion […]

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033 : Ishita Gupta : Publisher & Coach

Ishita Gupta Post

After college, Ishita got accepted into med school but becoming a doctor didn’t feel right. She decided to embark on a journey of self-experimentation which lead her to working side by side with marketing expert Seth Godin. Ishita has since launched her own online magazine called fear.less and is now a lifestyle design and business consultant building […]

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032 : Colin Wright : Extreme Lifestyle Experimenter

Colin Wright Post

After college, Colin (@colinismyname) was running a successful branding studio, but he wanted out of the 120 hour work week he’d created for himself. In 2009 Colin decided to travel the world full-time by having the readers of his blog, Exile Lifestyle, vote for which country he should live in every 4 months. Along the […]

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