009 : Karden Rabin : Health & Wellness

Karden Rabin Post

Karden Rabin (@KardenRabin), 27, is a man with a strong sense of confidence. He also has a passion for helping people feel their best. Karden’s combining these qualities by taking on the risk to co-found the tech startup, Wellcast, which has the potential to revolutionize the health & wellness online education industry. Hear Karden’s hyper-articulate take on fear, […]

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005 : Doug Petkanics : Tech Entrepreneur

Doug Petkanics Post

A self-described entrepreneur at heart, Doug (@petkanics) has always wanted to build things. In 2010 he co-founded the tech startup Hyperpublic with the hopes of building a scalable business model. He’s now an employee of Groupon, as Groupon acquired Hyperpublic in early 2012. He’s 28 years old. “I’m really scared of just being bored for […]

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001 : Stuart Blake : Balancing Law School & Tech Startup

stuart UPDATED

Stuart’s a law student who doesn’t want to be a lawyer. He wants to build something. Stuart’s taking matters into his own hands by co-founding a tech startup called Pique while still attending law school. He’s 28 years old. “Honestly [I love] the excitement of creating something on your own. Being a part of something that you’re […]

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