082 : Amanda Seales : Comedian & Writer

interview, mtv, inspiring

Amanda (@amandaseales) is an all-around creative talent. Follow me now: She grew up as a child actor on Nickelodeon, became a spoken word poet in college, then a Sirius Radio host, then an MTV VJ, then a solo recording artist, and is now a comedian & writer performing around the country and on TV.

You’ll hear Amanda discuss the ups and downs of the creative journey, the importance of sticking to your strengths, and that to get to where you want to go you gotta get out of your own way.

“Keep people around you who believe in you more than you believe in you.” – Amanda Seales

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081 : Carson Yiu : Food Entrepreneur

outer bourough nyc food interview

Through high school Carson (@carsonyiu) was unsure of his path in life, but had acquired a love for food and cooking.

Carson is now the founder of Outer Borough which sells its signature beef rolls at the Smorgasburg Food Market in Brooklyn.

You’ll hear Carson discuss his path from passion to creation, the importance of authenticity, and that the best way to be ready for opportunities is to be making the most of the ones right in front of you.

“You want to have that first class of thinking. If you say it, even if you’re not doing it, you believe in it, and you gotta go work for it.” – Carson Yiu

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080 : LaQuan Smith : Fashion Designer

interview, fashion designer

Ever since he was little LaQuan (@laquan_smith) wanted to be in fashion, but after high school he wasn’t accepted into New York’s fashion schools.

LaQuan made his own way into the fashion world and in 2010 at 21 years old he launched his own line (LaQuan Smith) which is now worn by Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

You’ll hear LaQuan discuss his journey from outside-looking-in to being featured in Vogue, the importance of having the right team, and that the more you learn the further you’ll go.

“Go beyond the limits in finding who you are.” – LaQuan Smith

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079 : Albertina Rizzo : Comedy Writer

Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, interview

At an early age Albertina fell in love with comedy, inspired by David Letterman her dream was to write for late night TV.

Albertina now works full-time as a monologue writer for NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon which she joined in July 2012.

You’ll hear Albertina discuss her path from having no direction in life to writing for late night, the importance of leaving your comfort zone, and that the first person you want to impress is yourself.

“Creatively, I don’t think comfort is the best thing in the world.” – Albertina Rizzo

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078 : Atif Ateeq : Video Artist

the wall group, interview, geny, inspiring

In high school Atif (@atifateeq) fell in love with photography. After college Atif launched the NYC streetwear line, Vane, along with episode 003 guest Eric Poon, while continuing to photograph on the side.

Atif is now a video artist with clients such as DKNY, Naeem Khan and Porsche and as of November 2014 is represented by the Wall Group.

You’ll hear Atif discuss how he turned his passion into his livelihood, the importance of putting yourself out there, and that when all else fails, just take a break.

“I just wanted to keep hitting the shutter.” – Atif Ateeq

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Generation Why Not : What Are You Capable Of? : 2014 Montage

Generation Why Not What Are You Capable Of

Generation Why Not What Are You Capable Of

Generation Y has tons of reasons to not pursue their dreams: there’s no clear path to success, it’s too risky, people are telling you not to go for it.

Prologue Profiles brings you the stories of those choosing to ignore these reasons and go after their dreams anyway. Or who we call, Generation Why Not.

Please enjoy the following audio montage using footage from the 2014 season. See you in 2015!

[app_audio src=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/prologueprofiles/Generation_Y_Not_-_What_Are_You_Capable_Of.mp3″]

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077 : Raquel Furtado : Juice Entrepreneur

Raquel Furtado Post

While studying to become a nurse Raquel developed a thyroid disorder and was sentenced to a life of daily medication.

Switching to a whole foods diet Raquel fully recovered and in 2012 launched her own juice business called Pitanga Juice.

In the spring of 2014 Raquel raised $50,000 on Kickstarter and is now looking to open her own storefront in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

You’ll hear Raquel discuss how a life-threatening disorder led to a life-changing career path, the encouraging signals of success and that reaching the next level has nothing to do with your comfort zone.

“I just went for it.” – Raquel Furtado

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076 : Michael Roderick : Professional Connector

Michael Roderick Post

After college Michael worked as a high school teacher learning how to teach and became a theater producer on the side where he learned how to raise money. In 2010 Michael listened to his passions and took the leap to teach his own networking workshop. He hasn’t looked back.

Michael is now a connector where he helps people grow their business by growing their own personal relationships (Small Pond Enterprises).

You’ll hear Michael discuss he connected the dots to become a connector, the power of experiments, and that if you say you want to get to the next level you’re also saying you have a lot to learn.

“Just keep testing.” – Michael Roderick

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075 : Joe Sabia : Digital Project Guy

Joe Sabia Post

In 2005 while in college Joe made a web-series with his friends that caught the attention of national press before YouTube even existed.

Joe has gone on to build a career for himself out of making viral videos, and is the co-creator of CDZA, a YouTube channel with nearly 300K subscribers (JoeSabia.co).

Since our interview Joe has recently become the head of digital development of Conde Nast Entertainment.

You’ll hear how Joe rides the wave of his curiosity to create a career of his own, the importance of finding the right team, and that to see something that you’ve never seen before, you may be the who has to make it.

“Everything that currently pays my rent has started out with the idea of being a hobby.” – Joe Sabia

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074 : DJ Kalkutta : DJ & Musician

music producer, interview, inspiring

Kal (@djkalkutta) came to NYC to make things happen in music as a producer and picked up DJ’ing on the side.

DJ’ing became a main focus which led her to touring around the world with Karmin and making frequent appearances on Good Morning America.

Let Kal inspire your day and press play.

It’s riskier to me to not do something that you love.” – DJ Kalkutta

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