005 : Doug Petkanics : Tech Entrepreneur

Doug Petkanics Post

A self-described entrepreneur at heart, Doug (@petkanics) has always wanted to build things.

In 2010 he co-founded the tech startup Hyperpublic with the hopes of building a scalable business model.

He’s now an employee of Groupon, as Groupon acquired Hyperpublic in early 2012.

He’s 28 years old.

“I’m really scared of just being bored for the rest of my life.” – Doug Petkanics

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003 : Eric Poon : Brand & Product Designer

poon cropped

While in college, Eric decided he wanted to work for himself.

He is now the founder and chief designer of Vane New York.

Vane is a lifestyle brand with its own line of shoes, clothes and jewelry which can be found at its shop in the Lower East Side of NYC.

He’s 28 years old.

Eric’s latest project is the upscale footwear brand, Strange Matter, now available at Barney’s New York.

“You really don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. So why not spend your time doing something that you believe in and do something that’s worthwhile while you have the opportunity to do it?” – Eric Poon

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