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Here are some favorites:

074 : DJ Kalkutta : DJ & Musician

DJ Kalkutta Post
DJ Kalkutta arrived in NYC with the dream of becoming a star. After waiting tables she’s now making her way as a DJ and music producer, having co-written Halsey’s #1 single, New Americana. Her hustle is contagious. Press play to hear her Kal tell her story:

088 : Alex Strohl : Adventure Photographer

Alex Strohl Post
Alex was a bit of a misfit in school and ended up getting kicked out. Alex discovered a love for photography and now travels the world shooting ad campaigns for brands such as Land Rover and Tourism Canada and has over 1.5M Instagram followers. Check out his story here:

079 : Albertina Rizzo : Comedy Writer

Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, interview
Albertina grew up loving comedy but felt like she was drifting in her professional life. In 2012 Albertina became a monologue writer for the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. Hear Albertina share her story of how she broke into the industry to land her dream job:

087 : Onhel : Recording Engineer & Producer

interview, swizz beatz, lil wayne, president carter
Onhel graduated at the bottom of his high school class, unsure of his next move. Onhel discovered music production and after landing a studio internship he never looked back. Onhel is now a Grammy Award-winning engineer for Lil’ Wayne. Hear Onhel tell his story here:

028 : Jeff Laub : Hospitality Entrepreneur

Jeff Laub Post
After realizing he didn’t want to be a lawyer, Jeff Laub left his law job to create the bar/barbershop concept, Blind Barber, with locations in NYC and LA. Press play to hear Jeff tell his story:

080 : LaQuan Smith : Fashion Designer

interview, fashion designer
LaQuan was teased growing up, but would light up whenever he was designing dresses. After getting rejected by the top fashion schools, LaQuan hustled his way to becoming a go-to designer for Beyonce and J-Lo. Hear LaQuan tell his story here: